Neighborhood Food Hall

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Food halls exist in just about every European urban center, often in the basements of upscale department stores, and they have popped up all over Japan in the last decade. In the US, at least 4 have very recently opened their doors in NY. More close to home, a smaller version of a food hall is scheduled to open in Alexandria, VA, albeit a high end one called Society Fair (pdf).

More than a covered market, a food hall hosts gourmet and speciality food shops, open dining areas including communal tables, a collection of mini-restaurants and a farmers market rolled under one roof.

A neighborhood food hall would be all those things in a an environment that is more urban than upscale but without sacrificing the quality of the food. And unlike many food halls, it would be located in a neighborhood that is underserved by food establishments so that it becomes an anchor for local economic development.


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