About this site

What are the step-by-step instructions to register and vote?
Click here!

How do  ideas on this site become a built reality?
The newly established Center for the Creative Economy will seek out public and private sector support for the most popular ideas.

How do I vote?
First, click on the idea’s image or title so that the idea’s page comes up, then click on the “thumbs up” icon (it’ll turn green when it’s ready to be clicked on) next to ‘Like this’ just above the image(s). You can also do the same thing to reverse your vote.

How do I know my ‘vote’ counted?
Once you’re on the idea’s page…

You can vote for an idea only once, but you should vote for any and all ideas you support.

How many ideas can and should I vote for?
There is no limit. You should vote for any ideas that you would frequent, occupy or patronize yourself.

Can I change my vote?
Yes. Just repeat what you did when you voted.

Who can participate on this site?
Anyone that either lives or works within an hour of DC, or has a stake in DC, and provides some indication they’re not spam!

Once I’ve already registered, if I forget my password, how do I log back in and choose my own password?
In the top right where you normally login, click on ‘Sign In’ then ‘Lost Password’. You will be sent a temporary password. Log in with that, and once you’re logged in, click on your name in the top right of the site to edit your profile info. Scroll down to see where you can type in a new password. Confirm and click on ‘Save Changes’.

How do I edit my entries?
To prevent people from changing their entries after they’re already voted and commented on, which would be both unfair and misleading, edited text and/or images must be approved by the site administrator, who you can email at {coming soon}. Just email the text or images regarding the entry that you’d like to change, and of course identify which entry they’re for.

Is their a platform for organizing campaigns around ideas?
See the newly forming groups on the CreativesDC site here.

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